Monday, 5 November 2012


Well I arrived in Houston a few days ago and met up with Linzi.  Although I’ve met loads of nice and /or interesting people on this trip it was lovely to meet up with a familiar face.  I think I was just at the point where I needed that without actually realising it.
Linzi and I have been dashing about all over the Quilting world and parts of Houston ever since.  I really don’t know where the days and nights have gone. 
irst off we had to go to the Winners’ Presentation at the Convention Centre the evening that I arrived.  Just a small affair - about 1,000 people( we were told later).  Linzi came in 3rd in the Machine Quilting class and was awarded a prize of $300.  I was so proud of her -the only British, never mind Scottish, winner in the show.  
I won’t bore you with anymore quilty talk because I know that most of you are not interested but here is a picture of her with Sherry the Best in Show winner.
We went to several more events over the next few days.  Some of them were interesting and some of them were not but that is always the case at these shows.  
Houston was never going to be about sight seeing.  It was about the International Quilt Show so I’ve seen nothing of the city other than the streets around the hotel and a few places that we went to eat.  Two of Linzi’s friends from Wisconsin took us out to restaurants on Friday and Saturday.  On Friday we went to Goode Company.  a Texas BBQ joint.  It was a fairly basic little shack decorated for the most part with dead animals and cowboy memorabilia.  It wasn’t the best place to get photos because the lighting was minimal.  We ate outside on a porch on benches.  Our food choices- brisket, BBQ pork ribs, some fish dishes and an interesting mixture of vegetables.  The meal was brilliant and I got to try a Texan beer, which was okay.

The bar next door had a huge armadillo “ornament” outside which was beautifully lit up!?!

On Saturday night we went to Ibiza which, as its name would suggest, was Spanish based.  We had a lovely meal but it was at quite the opposite end of the restaurant continuum from the previous night. Both were equally good just different.

As I type this I am sitting at the airport waiting to fly to Nashville.
I have had a lot of fun in Houston with Linzi, met some really nice people, been entertained by them and seen some amazing sights - quilts and people.  Nashville will have to try hard to beat this.


  1. There was a second there when I got confused and thought you'd actually gone to Ibiza, not just a restaurant Ibiza. Would have been an interesting stop on the tour.. x

  2. It is good to meet up with friends - wherever you are in the world!