Sunday, 16 September 2012

One man's art.

Not sure at the moment that you are going to get many photos from here because my camera’s memory card may be corrupted :(
So here’s a brief description of my day.  First thing this morning I headed over to Hosier Lane because it is an art gallery for graffiti.  It’s a very narrow lane which contains a support unit for young down and outs.  They have literally covered every available wall in graffiti and some of it is awesome( just for you Morven) and some of it - not so much. Now this is a narrow, dark lane which has literally been transformed with the colour on the walls and given some of the folk who have done it a voice. While I was there some of the other visitors wanted the walls washed because it shouldn’t be allowed.  Duh! If you don’t like this sort of art don’t go and visit it.
One man’s art is another man’s..........
From there I went on a walking tour of Melbourne which was great fun.  It took in Chinatown, the Arcades which are really just the little streets with roofs over them but they are all victorian so the stained glass, rot ironwork etc is amazing.  Now I did take a picture of this but I doubt that you are not going to see it.  In one very up market arcade there was a dress shop selling extremely expensive dresses and in between all the dresses on show and lining the shelves were dozens and dozens of skulls.  Why?
That’s it for Melbourne.  I enjoyed the visit.  What will I remember from here - the Lanes and the lamb patties with the tzaitski on Turkish roll thing.  Delish!


  1. Have you tried using your iphone for your photos and then using Cloud to transfer them to your laptop? You've probably thought of this already but.....

  2. Have you thought of taking your camera into a camera shop and asking for some advice or buying a new memory card?

  3. Skulls need dresses too, I suppose..